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ISBHF 2017 AGM Summary

Wednesday  February 22, 2017

Last weekend, Montreal hosted the ISBHF AGM (International Street and Ball Hockey Federation)

Here are some key highlights:

1_   The most ever ISBHF Attendees – 24! And 5 more by Skype.

2_ The filling of two key Committees: our 'new look' Technical Committee and Sport Accord Committee.

3_   The creation of new ISBHF Championships at the World Junior Level and a NEW ‘3 on 3’ Tournament that will be held in Canada in 2018 to inspire new and experienced ball hockey players!

4_ The awarding of all 2018 Championship events!

   5 on 5 Championships
     - U18-U20 World Junior Championships – Canada
     - U16 Continental Euro Championships – Czech Republic
     - U16 Continental North American Championships – Canada / USA
     - World Masters – United States
     - Asian Cup – Hong Kong

   3 on 3 Championships
     - Euro Open Invitational  - Slovakia
     - North American Open Invitational - Canada

5_   A key presentation on the ISBHF Marketing Strategy for 2017 & beyond.

6_   2016 International Awards

   - International player of the year – Co Winners : Martel Czibik (U20- SLO) and Nathan Yetman (U20-CAN)
   - International/National Development Award – Gabi Missakian, Armenia   
   - Robert Mueller Memorial Award – Steve Posavec, Canada

7_ And by the far the most symbolic:

The first ever African nation accepted to the family: Cameroon!
‘The representative of Ball Hockey in Africa’ Mr. Jean Serge presented and was accepted to the ISBHF family. Congratulations!

A full summary of the ISBHF AGM will be in the ISBHF Newsletter for March!

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